Some may think that customer service is just a luxury of the company’s luxuries, especially if it does not have sales or a product that you want to market, every company needs at least one employee to respond to inquiries, whether from managers of other companies or clients who want to inquire about certain advantages of the company, And also to provide vacant places to work for you..


Therefore, it must be taken care of, starting with choosing the right employee, who has enthusiasm, ideal thinking, and emotional intelligence..


The customer service employee must know how to deal with the customer before providing service or assistance to him

And he is responsible enough to be able to understand the customer’s need and provide advice, so he must be aware of the information, services or products of the company that it provides to customers, and he has knowledge of what questions or problems he may face or even the method of operating the product and the defects and advantages that may be encountered. serve or harm the customer.


He must also know the methods of absorbing the customer’s anger so that he listens to him, and then provides the answer or solution, or add advantages to him, so that the customer feels comfortable and that someone listens to him, and makes him trust him to solve the problem, and also has the skill to know the point that seems to be the focus of the customer’s attention With what the company offers, it lists all the services and features in a smooth and comfortable way as if he is talking to someone he knows completely, and gives him the information without speaking while he wraps words that he memorizes without understanding him, so that the customer accepts the modern customer service employee and seems to him understandable.


And do not forget that the time with customer service may be the dividing line between the success or failure of your customer service.

Because it is an important element for the customer, the customer has become very interested in the time taken from him to respond to his call, and also between the time you help him..

Therefore, customer service should consider the customer’s time as one of the very important points, by organizing the time between responding to the customer and assisting him in a quick and professional manner, where the customer is satisfied with the level and time taken by the customer service employee to help.


Dear owner of the facility, your interest in your customer’s time will bring you other customers, because satisfaction and time are two essential factors that cannot be overlooked.


 Sometimes it may happen and a problem comes to you that you did not know or have previously dealt with, you can be frank with the customer that you will search for the problem with those who are specialists in this topic, to be solved professionally .. and then make sure to communicate with him to provide him with the appropriate solution, because continue Customer service with the customer to know his assessment of the service provided to him, will make him a permanent customer for you, and your interest in his requirements and problems despite the company’s preoccupation with its work will make your company a place of appreciation, respect and trust for him and you will have a solid and strong reputation in his mind.


You also have to pay attention to all groups and ages that are interested in the above, their level of education, as well as their abilities to understand and assimilate,

Patience is one of the advantages of successful and superior customer service. Talking to the customer in a way that can understand you without losing your patience or losing control and speaking in a loud voice that does not suit your place, you may harm the company and lose its customers,


And do not forget also that customer service employees must have the basics that raise their advantages and services in the call center department, which are:

1-Paying attention to them and rewarding them

2-Training and providing assistance to them

3- Solve their problems if the company can

4- Giving them enough rest to continue working actively and with high capacity


Thus, it reaches to accommodate a large number of customers and the ability to understand with them, and take into account their psychology.