Does your company need a call center or customer service? You may be surprised and say: Is there a difference between them?! Of course yes.. Everyone confuses the two types and thinks that they are multiple names for one thing, but in fact there is a difference between them, and each of them has a benefit according to your type of business. Now I will introduce you to the difference between call center and customer service to know which one suits your company..


The call center’s role is limited to communicating via the telephone channel only, as it deals with all incoming and outgoing calls. As for customer service, we find that its role is a bit broader and more comprehensive than this, as it communicates with customers through multiple channels, including phone, e-mail, social media, chat and others. In addition, it interacts with customers and seeks to solve their problems.



Differences Between a Call Center and a Customer Service Center


1- Communication Channels

The first fundamental difference between the two centers lies in the communication channels. As I mentioned to you earlier, the call center depends on the phone only, and this is not the best option, of course, since in peak hours it will not be able to receive all calls, and this will not satisfy customers. In addition, not all customers prefer to communicate by phone, or cannot voice their concerns.


As for the customer service center, it uses various communication channels, such as the ones we mentioned earlier, to suit all customers, and everyone can communicate his problem or inquiry in the way that suits him. If we put these channels in comparison with the telephony channel, the use of multiple channels helps to provide easier and faster solutions, and thus we get a better customer experience.


In addition, taking advantage of digital progress and employing it in a distinctive way helps in spreading the brand on different channels, facilitating access to customers, and quick and easy interaction with them to solve their problems and answer their inquiries.



2- Technological Development

Markets are always evolving, especially after the remarkable technological progress. The development has become fast, and the requirements of customers and consumers are also evolving. Accordingly, business owners must keep pace with this development and update customer experience strategies to keep pace with their requirements. The traditional performance is in motion when a customer calls to report a complaint, but things have changed a lot and are no longer like that.

Technological advances have helped business owners to anticipate problems that may occur to customers, and then work to provide proactive solutions that prevent the problem from occurring, and thus companies get a distinctive and unique customer experience. Customers have always tended to deal with companies that consistently deliver good experiences, and we can now see where Amazon has come from when it started as a joke to many entrepreneurs.


Relying on good customer service, whether in your company or hiring a trusted office to provide professional customer service, depends on the success or failure of your company! Imagine the future of your company. If you depend on a traditional call center that does not provide the distinguished experience for your customers, you will inevitably lose more customers every day. Why? Because there is a competitor that relies on professional customer service that keeps pace with development and provides its customers with a distinctive experience.



3- Waiting List

And here you find the difference between the call center and customer service very clear, where in the call center there is no good management of the incoming conversations, except to appoint a large team that rewards the incoming calls, and this requires a very high cost.


On the other hand, the customer service team uses digital tools to manage queues on multiple channels, and manage incoming conversations on all channels in a distinctive way, It comforts the work team and protects it from falling under the pressure of incoming calls, and in return it gives the customer a unique experience that increases his loyalty and trust in the company.




4- A Comprehensive View of Customer Movements

In the call center, it depends on the phone only to know the customer’s request, and therefore the service representative will not be able to know any data or impressions taken by the customer except through phone conversations only, and therefore you will not be able to paint a complete picture of the customer’s journey with the experience provided by your company.


Through the channels that customer service uses, you can collect the data you want, and you can integrate your communication channels with CRM software to get a complete and unified view of your customers. You get to get the customer’s moves and journey into the experience you provide, and you can get them to put their opinion impartially at the end of each conversation.




5- Easier Access to Problem Solving

In traditional call centers, the company representative may have to answer the same query more than once in a day, and this is cumbersome and a waste of effort and time. In the case of customer service and diligence in providing a good customer experience, the team provides proactive solutions and answers to questions that customers may ask, or ask them frequently. Their answers are put and the customer can access them easily without referring to a customer service representative.




The goal that everyone seeks is to provide a customer experience, and everyone seeks it according to his capabilities and thinking. In the digital world that we live in now and in light of technological progress, it is not only possible to provide a good or average customer experience, but if you do so, you will inevitably lead your company to failure.


Everyone is racing now to go beyond the old ways and deliver an excellent or perfect customer experience if you will, if you want to build a successful brand and keep customers.


and increase their growth. Through the Customer Service Center, it provides distinctive customer experiences by providing multiple channels of communication, adopting a proactive strategy to know what the customer is thinking, and providing the opportunity to integrate with the customer 100%.


Confusing the two terms can lead to a very harmful mistake for your business, so you should think carefully before communicating with any center that provides these services. Think carefully to know what exactly you want, do you want a call center, or customer service? So as not to regret after that at a time when regret is not useful.




If you want to inquire about something about knowing the difference between a call center and customer service, you can put your question in the comments, or contact us and our team will answer all your inquiries.