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Your Short Guide to Understanding Performance Indicators and Knowing Different Strategies
Imagine that your boss gives you a book of 100 pages, asks you to understand it well, and takes it from you after five days.. In this case, you will...
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Your Short Guide to Know the Difference Between a Call Center and a Customer Service
Does your company need a call center or customer service? You may be surprised and say: Is there a difference between them?! Of course yes.. Everyone confuses the two types...
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The Role of Customer Service in Increasing Sales for your Company.
Some may think that customer service is just a luxury of the company’s luxuries, especially if it does not have sales or a product that you want to market, every...
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The Most Important Standards Used in the Call Center and Customer Service
If you go back a bit, you will find a bad impression in your mind about a company’s customer service, to the point that you can leave the product or...
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The Best Way to Deal with Customers – Customer Service – Call Center
The art of customer service management is one of the most important things that must be learned in order to deal with customers well and for a long time, and...
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Own Now Customer Service and Call Center from Sama Digital
Customer service or call center is almost a big problem for many companies, especially startups; Because the art of customer service has a big factor in maintaining customer satisfaction, and...
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Your Perfect Guide to Knowing the Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Experience
The reader may be surprised by the title and say to himself: Is there a difference between them? Of course, yes, many think that they have one meaning, but whoever...
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Customer Services​
All companies specialized in the sale of products, services and follow-up services looking forward to seek a practical ways and methods to increase the level of the services and the...
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