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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Yes, Recruitment and Work is within the Company.

We Have More than 50 Employees Divided Between Female and Male in 5 Shifts.

Yes, and there is a nominal monthly fees added to it 

Yes, our Employees are all Saudis.

After contracting, we pick a supervisor for the project, and then we schedule a training date to familiarize with all your information, in addition to the experience of our staff in dealing with all customers 

Yes, there is Employee Training.

From 16 Hours to 24 Hours, Seven Days a Week.

We have Various Sectors

  • Budget.
  • Saba Clinics.
  • Al Aseel Dates.
  • Ocean Restaurants.
  • Alfa Lifts.
  • Preservation of Grace Association.
  • Enab Platform.

You Can Visit Our Clients Page in the Top.

From 2013 Until Now.

In the Field of Operating a Call Center 5 Years.

All Channels of Communication with the Client are Fully Managed.

Starting from 1,800 SR 

Yes, there is a 3-month trial period

Yes, we provide a unified number through us

  1. Name of the Responsible Person.
  2. Mobile Number of the Responsible Person.
  3. Commercial Register.
  4. An Official Email for Correspondence.
  5. Tax Number.


Features of running Sama Digital:-

  1. faster.
  2. Saving.
  3. Saving effort.
  4. High quality
  5. 24/7 

6. Different languages

We Guarantee that you will Reach the Target Group and Communicate with them.

Yes, there is a Trial Period in the First 6 Months.

  • Al Nabulsi Sweets.
  • Intermed  Clinic.
  • Shorouq Al Mamlakah International School.


Video Shooting is not Included in the Social Media Package, as it is an Additional Consideration.


In the Social Media Package we Offer you:

  1. Create Content.
  2.  Advertising Design for Advertising Campaigns.
  3.  Increase the Number of Followers Per Month.
  4.  a Client’s Account Manager.
  5.  Brand Management and Marketing.
  6.  Executing the Strategic Plan for the Account.
  7.  a List of Monthly Events to Interact with the Community.
  8.  Designing and Publishing 20 Posts (According to the Content Needs to get the Idea out, either a Post or a Video).
  9.  Responding to Customer and Follower Inquiries.

Photography Price Starts from 3,000 SR.

Yes, we have a Clause in the Contract Clarifying the Confidentiality of Information.

Payment in the First 3 Months Monthly, after that every Quarter a Batch.

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