All companies specialized in the sale of products, services and follow-up services looking forward to seek a practical ways and methods to increase the level of the services and the advancement of their names, as well as maintaining the largest market share and that will be by providing faster and accurate work methods for the client, which makes the interests in the subject of the customer service a priority for those companies and by using services reduce the costs while maintaining a rich and fruitful dialogue with the clients.


Therefore, Sama Digital has been founded to grow your work pace, protect your investments whenever you expand and that by adding additional components designed to help you achieve your business goals and growth and providing better services to users with the best technology available


Sama Digital provides an unprecedented set of modern communications technology and all marketing tools to help your employees working better and to serve your customers more effectively


Call Center Role advantage

  • Working 24 hours/7
  • CRM account to monitor your calls online
  • Edit on the CRM system to fit your business
  • A special account to download your reports
  • Auto IVR massage
  • Voicemail will be sent directly to your email
  • Answering calls in both English and Arabic languages
  • Direct email alert
  • SMS message alert
  • Keeps records of all your client’s name and number
  • A “thank you for your call ” email for the client A “thank you for your call ” text message for the client
  • Print reports instantly
  • Answering your calls by your company name
  • Queue service
  • Call me back service