The art of customer service management is one of the most important things that must be learned in order to deal with customers well and for a long time, and to earn the customer’s trust and respect. We may seek to attract customers by making offers and discounts, but this is not the sure way to win a (permanent) customer, but rather the most important of which is to create good relationships and leave a good image for the customer about the employees and their good performance in their jobs and the company as a whole.



But how to manage customer service to be of the highest level, attract the customer and make him prefer one place over another, and bring huge profits to the company as well?


We must first realize that the customer is the company’s capital, and without him, you will not be an employee in your company and there will be no company, so the task of the successful administrator is to make the customer feel that he is the most important customer, and gives him of his time and attention as if he is the only customer in the company, by following a number of of methods.



Listen to the Customer Attentively

Listen to the customer, and do not despise his complaint or be preoccupied with anything else. Appreciate his distress, sadness, joy and urgency, absorb his anger by paying attention to his matter as if it were your matter, and do not leave him unless you helped him as much as you can or guide him to someone who helps him, and do not judge him before completing his conversation with you, and explaining his request wel. 



Apologize for the Mistake

All children of Adam make mistakes, and mistakes and omissions occur everywhere, so take the initiative to apologize for the mistake after making sure that it has occurred and do not ignore the customer’s complaint, and treat the matter by fixing it immediately, not by looking for the one who caused the mistake and blaming others, the word apology may have the effect of magic in the same The customer and his mind, do not skimp on it.


Take Care of every Customer’s Request

No matter how small the customer’s request is in your opinion, it is considered large by the customer, and as long as he requested the service, he must need support and assistance, do not underestimate his request, and you can reassure him and inform him simply of his problem and ease of solving it and inform him as soon as you are done with it.


Be careful not to make fun of the customer’s request or show resentment for your service to him. If you are unable to find a solution to the whole problem, you can suggest partial solutions to him. The important thing is that you end your call or interview with him and he is satisfied with your performance and your company’s system.



Interact Well with the Client

Let your responses be appropriate to what the customer says. Do not let your personal problems or work pressures affect your proper welcome to the customer or indifference to what he says. Pay attention to every problem he presents, and respond to every point he mentions. This gives a good impression of you and your vigilance in your work, and makes customers praise your good performance and management.



Be Calm

Be calm at all times, and if the client gets angry or utters something inappropriate, take a slow breath and focus on the reason for his anger, and train yourself not to be influenced or irritated in such situations, and prepare to handle the matter wisely.


Your calmness and assertiveness keeps the rebellious customer calm, solves things in a more rational manner, and gives the impression that you are professional, in control, and able to solve the problem. Appreciate the client’s circumstances anyway, treat him as if he’s always right, there are no personal animosities between you and him.



Confirm your Contact with the Customer

Do not interrupt the customer while he is speaking, and return to him the information he mentions about himself, as well as his request and complaint; To make sure you understand the correct problem. Show seriousness in solving his problem and make the customer feel it, explain the reason for the problem that occurred with him, then offer him the appropriate solution to his problem before you start solving it, apologize for the time he spent waiting for service to be provided to him, and thank him for trusting the customer service team.



Pay Attention to your Body Language

It is the art of customer service management to pay attention to the movements of your eyes, mouth and hand signals that reflect your welcome or discontent with the customer and your impatience, and also reflect your seriousness in providing satisfactory service to the customer or not, and do not forget that all these things reflect negatively and positively on your company.




 Ask the Customer more Questions

Show the customer how much you care for his interest and to answer his request efficiently. Ask him about every small and big thing related to his request to achieve his demand to the fullest, and suppose that the customer does not have any information, and tell him all the information available to you about him and offer him more appropriate services for him, and end your call by offering him other services.



Define Possible Options to Present to the Customer

It is the art of managing customer service to anticipate customer questions and pre-determine multiple options to present them to them to choose from.



Comfort your Customer

Always reassure him that you will serve him to the best of your ability, and if you promise to solve his problem, be honest with him. Give him the appreciation and attention that makes him feel the importance of having customer service and that it is really to serve him and solve his problem, but do not promise what you cannot fulfill. Know your capabilities and the limits of your permissible dealings and deal accordingly.


If you can solve the customer’s problem immediately, do it, and do not close the way in front of the customer until after you have exhausted all your capabilities and available work spaces. If you cannot help him and provide him with a service, apologize to him kindly.




Be Available

Customer service and call center were only to communicate with customers, answer their requests and hear their complaints in a timely manner, do not turn on the phone without reason, and do not leave your workplace without justification, and always be available as your job requires you, whoever understands the art of customer service management understands the importance of the constant availability to help customers all the time.




Give Customers a Chance to Rate you

Customers are very happy to have a way to express their satisfaction with the service or to evaluate it, make sure to give them the opportunity to do so, this indicates the desire of the call center team to develop themselves and provide excellent customer service, and it also indicates the confidence of the employees in their work, they are not afraid to comment on their performance or complain about them.



Finally, the art of customer service management is to be tactful, calm, balanced, patient, and master your work to the fullest.