The reader may be surprised by the title and say to himself: Is there a difference between them? Of course, yes, many think that they have one meaning, but whoever wants to gain the trust and loyalty of his customers, and add potential customers to his company, he must learn the difference between customer service and customer experience and learn how to use each of them in the best way.




What is customer service

Customer service means the assistance and advice the company provides to the customer before, during, and after dealing with it, whether or not this transaction results in a sale. Customer service may make customers satisfied with your company or discontented with it, and they will never come back to you. Good customer service aims to create links between the company and the customer.


The most important elements of professional customer service

Speed: Make sure to meet customer services, solve problems as quickly as possible, do not forget to respond quickly to calls, and reduce waiting times, to finally get customer satisfaction.


Professionalism: deal with your customers with high professionalism and professionalism, because this professionalism makes your customers feel as if the company takes care of them and cares about their interests.


Courtesy: any polite treatment of the customer, whether the purchase is made or not, you continue to speak to the customer in a polite manner to the end.


Personalization: Make the customer feel like the company knows them and addresses them personally as if they are their most important customer.




What is the customer experience

Customer experience is the perception or impression that the customer has about your company or brand, this perception stems from the experience that the customer has with your company In different departments, since he first got to know you and dealt with you repeatedly, it is through this interaction that he takes on a specific impression of your company.


A one-time experience cannot be called a customer experience, but rather a comprehensive interaction that makes the customer experience all stages, since seeing the advertisement and purchasing the product, the method of communication and delivery, customer service, the return policy, and other stages, so that we can say with confidence that it is A customer experience that can be relied upon in making a decision.


After we got acquainted with the concept of customer service and customer experience, now it remains to learn about..



The difference between customer service and customer experience

Not everyone may notice the difference between them, but through the previous definition of each of them, you may see some difference, or what each of them is, and therefore you will know that they are not one thing, and now I will clearly explain the difference to you in simple points.



customers service

       The great role of customer service lies when there is a problem facing the customer, whether in communicating with the company, in the way the product or service is used, or there is a defect in the product, or the difficulty of returning the product, or other problems that appear to everyone.


       Based on the previous point, we will understand that the role of customer service is (interactive), where the customer service representative interacts with the customer in understanding the problem, calms him down, helps him solve the problem, and brings him to complete satisfaction.



Customer Experience

       The role of customer experience is more comprehensive than customer service, as you think about what the customer feels before he talks about it, and understand what he wants every time he deals with your brand. Customer experience pertains to all aspects of the company, even customer service itself.

       So we understand that the customer experience is (proactive), as you know what the customer wants before they initiate it, understand what is required of customer service and how you want them to act if a problem occurs, and also guide them in the way in which you can obtain customer satisfaction.



From these simple points, it is clear to us that customer service is interactive, while the customer experience is proactive, and it is also clear that customer service falls under the customer experience, as customer service comes into play when the problem occurs, and tries to fix it after the fact.


A proactive customer experience prevents the problem from happening in the first place, and this takes a lot of time to analyze all aspects of your company, product or service, assume potential problems and put in place a good system to prevent them from happening. So you aim to give your customers a distinctive, highly efficient and professional experience that makes the customer happier.



Is customer experience a separate department within the company

The customer experience cannot become a separate section within the company. Rather, it must be shared by all the departments on which the company is based, starting from the human resources department, through marketing and sales, to customer service. These departments cooperate with each other and each department analyzes tasks and assumes obstacles that may occur, prevent them from occurring, or turn them into positive points and a competitive advantage for the company.



Customer experience makes companies think in an innovative and creative way, learn from past or common problems, to recognize customer needs and learn their expectations before they are disclosed, professional customer experience transforms people from ordinary customers to VIP customers. You may have good customer service, but it will not be enough to provide a satisfactory customer experience.



If you do not have highly qualified and skilled cadres now, you can outsource, which will save you a lot of money and effort, and provide you with the best customer management service and a good customer experience.



Now the vision is clear, and you know the difference between customer service and customer experience and the importance of each, and its role in building a strong customer base, all of which are loyal to your brand. If the information in this article was useful, share it now with your friends and those around you.