Customer service or call center is almost a big problem for many companies, especially startups; Because the art of customer service has a big factor in maintaining customer satisfaction, and attracting new customers, if it goes according to good study and planning, suitable for the quality of work and business of the company.



But if it goes without planning, it will be a disaster for the company, and will cost it heavy losses. Therefore, the cost of hiring specialists in this art will cost a lot of money that startup companies will not be able to afford, and here the company will become between two bitter things:

The first: to cancel this service, because it will not be able to bear the costs of having an expert in the field, and it does not want to waste its money by hiring an incompetent person for this task.


The second: to assign it to a novice person who does not have enough experience to manage this art well, and therefore the consequence will be dire, as we have indicated.


After we reviewed the most famous scenarios that most companies are exposed to, what is the ideal solution to get out of this dilemma?!



Customer Service from Sama Digital

SAMA Digital is a company specialized in providing various technical solutions in a creative way for all organizations, from start-up companies, through official bodies, and even giant companies.


Due to what Sama Digital has felt about the amount of severely damaging the organizations’ interest in customer service in general, the company has studied the problem and the reason for the shortcomings to provide innovative, radical solutions that eliminate the problem, and contribute to the success and advancement of institutions. Before we get to know Sama Digital’s solutions to this matter, let’s get to know first what this art is:


Customer service varies from one company to another according to the type of business of each company, but in general it focuses on meeting the needs of the customer, listening to his complaints in a good way, and providing appropriate solutions in accordance with the company’s policies, in order to obtain customer satisfaction, and raise the company’s level to the top.


So, this service may be a reason for doubling the number of your customers and raising your company to the top of the pyramid, or it may also be a reason for losing customers and incurring losses that the company will not be able to withstand. The question arises: How do I guarantee my company to be of the first type?


The answer lies in the call center service provided by Sama Digital.



The importance of having customer service within every company

If we look at the issue from the customer’s point of view, we will know its importance. When the customer buys the product or service, and a problem appears in the product after that, or he wants to inquire about something specific to the company’s products, how is this done?


Yes, he will inquire through the customer service number, emails, or social media messages. 

But often calling the number is the first option that the customer resorts to, for the ease of speed of communication and problem solving. There are some companies that do not provide many means of communication, but only a number for contact.



Of course, this service must be highly efficient, because it is more important than the sales process itself. Because of this step, the customer is satisfied even if the product is less than the required quality, and the customer may be disgruntled with the whole company, even if the product is of the highest quality. efficiency.


Therefore, you need to provide a highly efficient call center service, trained to respond to all types of customers, and contain the problem in a good way, to print a positive image in the mind the customer, and gain his loyalty to your brand, especially if this is the only means of communication.


Benefits and features of customer service from Sama Digital

The reason behind the interest in this section and directing efforts to establish it in a professional manner that meets all the desires of customers, is what we know of the high costs and effort spent to establish a customer service department within each company, especially the start-ups; So, after studying the issue, we have established an integrated call center that will save at least 90% of the effort, and save more than 40% of the expenses spent in communicating with customers, through a ready-made and trained team that is familiar with all developments within the field.



The call center focuses on doing the following:

       Receiving customer inquiries, and managing them in a professional manner, around the clock.

       Activate e-marketing to market your products, and provide effective marketing content that suits your customers.

       Managing orders and executing them with high accuracy, as well as managing returns and inquiries, and taking care of getting all customers satisfied, in all the languages you want.

       Manage and organize appointments and meetings very accurately.

       Activate the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program, and send clear and detailed reports as requested by the client.

       Assisting you in providing all reports that help you assess the current situation, and qualifies you to develop clear and accurate strategic plans, as well as help you provide creative solutions that achieve the highest level of success.



What distinguishes the call center team at Sama Digital

Our call center team has a high-accuracy system, to ensure that honest reports express the actual reality of the organization and its products, and the team provides technical solutions that help your company receive reports first-hand, and save them without confusion.


The team is also highly experienced in preparing the customer and obtaining his satisfaction, by responding to his call and responding to his inquiries in the fastest time, and our system allows the employee to be evaluated after the call ends, and this gives you a detailed report on everything that goes on behind the screen.


We are not limited to customer service by calling the hotline only, but we follow customers through web screens, and respond to their inquiries through all social media platforms and different chat rooms: Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail, … and other means of communication.


We follow development and keep pace with changes moment by moment. Rather, we strive to make change and lead developments, in order for our customers to obtain the highest service that enables them to advance their companies and achieve the success they aspire to.




Now you are one step away from providing the best call center and customer service for your company. Contact us now and our team will answer all your questions.